Programming Speaker CD & Chair Submission

Westchester Area Is Preparing For Our 3rd Convention In 2019

Filling The Void… With The Spirit Of Love & Unity

WACNA III Programming Committee

Is Looking For Members Of Our Fellowship Of Diversity To Get Involved That Are Willin Share & Chair At Our Convention

Step 12 – “We Must Give Back Freely And Grateful  That Which Has Been Freely And Gratefully Given To Us”

Clean Time Requirements:

Main Speakers: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Men & Womens Rap – At Least 5 Years Clean

Must Submit Tape or CD For Subcommittee To Review

          Cutoff Date Is July 1, 2019

WACNA – P.O. Box 43

Yonkers, N.Y. 10702

 Attn: Programming

Workshop Speakers – At Least 3 Years Clean

Workshop Chairs – At Least 90 Days Clean

No Tape Or CD – You Can Submit Your Name To Share At A Workshop

You Must Be A Registered Attended To Speak or Chair

For More Information Contact

Programming Committee Chair: Barry T. (845) 793-3410

Vice Chair: Joe J.  (347) 556-498 ~ Secretary: Michelle R. (914) 536-5669

Check Out Our Website For Convention Updates & Events:



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